Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Viking Assembly Sites and Things

 I have been asked to start producing a reading list for the project. The three sites listed below are other sites operated by me and my research organisation Public Information Research Organisation (PIRO) and contain links to radio programs, academic papers, books and video links. Where you see a document with the word 'Expand' over it - click on it - and it should open up in a larger format - this format can be enlarged even further in your web browser.
If you have any problems with the documents please use the comment box beneath this blog and I will try answer the queries and questions.

I also have background history of Sherwood Forest on

Monday, 24 October 2011

Aspects of the Development of Public Assembly in the Danelaw

The aim of this essay by Sam Turner is to investigate aspects of the development of public assembly in the Danelaw area of early medieval England using topographic, place-name and archaeological evidence for hundred and wapentake meeting-places. The article considers aspects of the Anglo-Saxon tradition of public assembly, and assesses the probable origins of the system. It then compares the system of meeting-places in the Danelaw with moot-sites in other areas of Anglo-Saxon England. The article attempts to outline topics such as the different functions of meeting-places and the changing rationale behind meeting-place locations. This leads to suggestions about the antiquity of the system of public administration in the Danelaw and the nature of Scandinavian settlement in eastern England.

This is very useful background read to the history and context of Thynghowe.